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Baggage Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that does not appear here please feel free to complete our Ask a Question form
How do I get a quotation?
For the quickest response, please complete our Request a Quote form. Alternatively you can call us on +44 (0)20 8324 2066 or email
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What carton sizes do you supply?
Our most popular cartons are our Tea Carton and 3 Cubic Foot Carton. Please note there is a charge for more than one delivery of boxes, so we suggest that you order more cartons than you may need in case you underestimate the size of your shipment. The cartons are free of charge, and we can collect any unused boxes on your collection date.
The following table shows our most popular cartons with suggested packing contents.

Baggage Shipping FAQs

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Can we use our own cartons?
You can use any strong/good-quality carton or suitcase. Please note that stereo, computer or electrical cartons, etc. are normally intended for domestic distribution and are unsuitable for export shipments. We can arrange crating of items such as plasma TVs and computers for extra protection during transit for an additional fee.
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How do I pack my belongings?
Always remember that no carton should weigh more than 35 kilos for health and safety regulations, so make sure you choose the smaller cartons for heavier items. We provide bubble wrap and packing tape free of charge to assist with your packing. When packing multiple cartons, it is essential to distribute the weight evenly. Overloaded items are much more susceptible to damage in transit.
Any furniture items will need to be professionally packed by us for an extra cost. We can also professionally pack shipments of any size with or without furniture. Packing charges are variable depending on size of job, complexity and location.
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How do I arrange delivery and collection of my boxes?
Deliveries of boxes, bubble wrap and tape can be arranged to most areas with 24-48 hours' notice. The same notice period is required for collections. Where we supply boxes, cartons or packing materials, they may be retained by you indefinitely upon payment of a deposit of £50.00.
We operate nationwide between the hours of 0800 and 1800 Monday to Friday and 0700-1300 on Saturdays within London. Out of hours collections are often possible: please contact us for more information or to make arrangements.
Please bear in mind that cartons and packing materials remain our property until your shipment is paid in full.
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How do I make a booking?
Please call us on +44 (0)20 8324 2066.
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What will the charges be?
Shipments going by sea or road are charged by actual volume. However, please note that each carton should not weigh more than 35 kilos owing to health and safety regulations. With air freight consignments, it is an international air cargo convention to charge for weight or volume, whichever is the greater according to the following formulae:
length x height x width (centimetres) divided by 6000 = volumetric kilos
length x height x width (inches) divided by 366 = volumetric kilos
Please bear in mind that this is an International Standard. Even if your chosen shipping company does not tell you about this charge, they will still rate your shipment on this basis and you will have to pay!
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How can I pay?
You can pay online with a credit (Visa/Mastercard) or debit card here
You will need your Job Number and Invoice Number to hand to complete the online payment process.
Please note that credit card payments are subject to a surcharge of 2.5%.
We also accept payment by cheque, bank draft, bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer please quote your 7 digit reference number, so that the payment can be allocated correctly. Cash payments can be made to our own drivers (normally in the London Postal Area only). Please do not pay third party drivers and carriers, or drivers in other countries. Please contact us if you are in any doubt.
Cheque payments require a clearance period of up to seven working days for domestic cheques and up to 35 days for foreign cheques. Cheque payment is not recommended for air freight.
Please note payment must be received in full before goods can be forwarded.
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Will Excess International match prices from other companies?
Where possible, we will try our best to match prices, provided that the company is a fully bonded member of FIDI or BAR Overseas. Non-bonded operators may provide cheaper rates, but you stand a real chance of losing money that you have already paid if the company gets into financial difficulty.
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Is transit insurance cover included in the price?
No, but we can offer you comprehensive transit insurance policies. Our Transit Insurance is underwritten by The Baxendale Insurance Company Designated Activity Company - PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT CHARGE AN EXCESS ON OUR INSURANCE. Please see the Insurance section of our website for further details.
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Do you offer storage?
We provide comprehensive storage facilities here in the UK and at destination by prior arrangement. Rates vary according to amount of storage and length of time required.
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Will I have to pay duty and taxes?
Duties vary widely according to origin and destination. In many cases goods owned and used for at least 6/12 months are non-dutiable. Likewise, within the European Union, goods are normally in free circulation and therefore not dutiable. Please see the Customs section of this website, or contact us directly. Please bear in mind that we have no control over the actions of customs services anywhere in the world. It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country that you are sending your goods to (or receiving them from).
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Are there any charges at destination?
For door to door consignments there may be additional charges at destination. Some countries have government charges for quarantine clearance; others have examination and X-ray fees, etc. All duties and taxes are excluded from the quotation you receive from us. Our door to door charges include the pre-payment of destination port/airport unloading, normal customs clearance and delivery charges to your residence overseas.
If you send your baggage to port or airport only, you will be responsible for local unloading, and dock/port or airport charges. These will vary according to destination.
For more information please contact us.
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What documents do I need?
You will have to complete a packing list or inventory and provide a copy of the photo page of your passport. Additional documents may be required before your shipment can leave the UK. Please see the documentation section on our website or contact us for more information.
All relevant documentation must be received before your shipment is ready for transit.
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When will I receive my belongings?
Below is an approximate guideline to the transit times.

Baggage Shipping FAQs

Please note that transit times are indicative only and are not guaranteed.
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Can I track my shipment online?
Our computer system will automatically generate a shipping advice email which will be sent to the email address you supply us with, giving you the name of the vessel your shipment is on, the arrival date into the port, the destination agent and other important details. This notification is usually sent a week after the vessel sails.
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What happens at the other end?
For sea freight shipments you will normally be contacted prior to arrival by our chosen agents. We notify agents well in advance of the arrival of shipments, and all documents etc. are sent electronically or another approved courier. The destination agent will make arrangements for customs clearance and any other clearance/inspections that may be required. Our foreign agents can also provide storage facilities, if required, at reasonable cost. In addition, they can provide customs clearance and local delivery for arrival port shipments.
For air shipments, our agents, or in some cases the airline carrier, will notify you on arrival, where possible, by telephone. It is essential that we receive either a telephone or fax number or email address so that they can contact you as soon as possible. Storage charges are levied by airlines and air freight agents on uncollected shipments. These can be expensive compared to storage charges levied on uncollected ocean freight consignments.
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What does BAR mean?
BAR is the British Association of Removers. Excess International Movers are members of BAR's Overseas Shipping Group, which offers full financial bonding to our customers. You should only select a shipping company that is a member of BAR or FIDI as these are the only International associations that offer this kind of bonding (protection against financial failure of your shipping company).
We are also members of the following:
BAR Overseas Group British Association of Removers
FIDI Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux
IAM The International Association of Movers
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