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If your vehicle is not a standard saloon vehicle e.g. Land Rover, Jeep, MPV, Caravan, Motor home or includes roof racks etc. it is important to advise the exact dimensions. For some shipping services the freight costs will be based on the length, width ∓ height.

Type of service required:
Ocean going car ferry/Roro car carrier
Whole container service
LCL/share container service

(Please note that not all of the above options will always be available)

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Please note prices are based on your vehicle being delivered to either our agents depot or directly to the port.

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(Visa/Mastercard/cheque drawn on a UK bank/bankers draft/swift bank transfer)
If paying in cash, this may be done at any of our offices.

Shipment Protection through our standard liability scheme with AXA Corporate Solutions Assurance.
I wish to protect my vehicle for representing the full overseas replacement cost.

Your vehicle should be protected by our Standard Liability for the full replacement cost at destination. If you protect your vehicle shipment for less than the overseas destination value, any claim may be 'averaged' out, and only a proportion of any such claim paid. If in doubt, please consult our Auto Export Department who will be pleased to assist. Standard Liability protection for vehicles is available at a rate of 2% of the full destination replacement value as declared by you.

Please note that in order to satisfy Customs & Licensing Regulations, suitable evidence of authority to ship the vehicle must be presented. A copy of the Registration Document and/or Original Bill of Sale, plus your passport details, (copy required) should be sufficient in most jurisdictions. If neither of these documents are in the shipper's name a Letter of Authority from the owner of the vehicle should be supplied. This WILL be validated by us. Please refer to the information we provide in our customs section AND the authorities of the countries involved. Occasionally an export (or import) licence must also be obtained.