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Recruitment agency urges jobless to broaden horizons

Post by Ian MacLeod on 22nd February 2012 in Working abroad

A recruitment agency based in the south-west of England, where unemployment is currently described as "stubbornly high", has urged those looking for work to consider moving overseas.

Lucilla Priddle, of Radstock near Bath-based recruitment firm Acorn Recruitment South-West, said that the main way for people to remain competitive for the vacancies which are being created was to be prepared to be flexible, and have in-demand skills.

She added that the high proportion of export-led businesses in the region was the source of many jobs. But for those who could not find work in such a firm, one of their best options may be to emigrate.

"As part of an international recruitment agency that sources skills from around the globe and locates them in areas of high demand it is frustrating to not be able to help more Brits with certified trade skills or in-demand professional qualifications to relocate to areas that want their skills," she wrote.

And she added: "Whilst Australia will welcome anybody [who] is qualified the rules are much easier for Brits than for many nationalities."

So she has recommended that clients search the various websites available which offer advice on moving abroad to work. She concludes: "You make your own luck in life – good luck."

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