Removals Volume Form

Please use the following form to give us an estimation of the volume of your move.

Where our Cartons are highlighted in bold at the end of each room selection, please click the link for a packing guide to each carton.

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4 Seater Sofa 3 Seater Sofa
2 Seater Sofa Armchairs
Coffee Table Bureau
Lounge Sideboard Corner Unit Cupboard Large
Corner Unit Cupboard Small Wall Unit Large
Wall Unit Small TV
Video Hifi/Stereo - Mini
TV video cabinet Hifi/stereo cabinet
Bookcase Occasional Table
Pictures Upright Piano
Grand Piano Baby Grand Piano
2 CuFt Carton Tea Carton

Table Chairs
Carver Chair Sideboard
Welsh Dresser Carpets & Rugs
2 CuFt Carton Tea Carton

Cooker Refrigerator
Freezer Washing Machine
Dryer Dishwasher
Microwave Fridge/Freezer
Table Chairs
Dresser Stools
Vacuum Cleaner Ironing Board
2 CuFt Carton Tea Carton

Cabinet Mirror
Tea Carton

King Size beds Queen Size beds
Double beds Single Beds
Double Wardrobe Single Wardrobe
Tallboy Tallboy + draws and
hanging section
Chest of 3 Drawers Chest of 4 Drawers
Chest of 5 Drawers Chest of 6 Drawers
Dressing Tables Otterman
Bedside Cabinets Cots
Chairs Hifi
Bookcases Carpets/rugs
2 CuFt Carton 3 CuFt Carton
Tea Carton 6 CuFt Carton
Lay Flat Carton

Desk Chair
Computer Filing Cabinets (2 drawer)
Filing Cabinets (3 drawer) Filing Cabinets (4 drawer)
2 CuFt Carton

Table Chairs
Pictures/Mirrors Hat Stand
Tea Carton

Pots Garden Ornaments
Hose reel Bicycle
BBQ Garden Table
Garden Bench Garden Chair
Parasole Tea Carton

Total Volume: