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Removals Transit Modes

Which Excess International Movers transit mode should you choose when sending your belongings overseas - air freight, sea freight or road freight? Well, the main considerations are always urgency, destination and budget.

Air Freight

Air freight is by far the fastest and most convenient - but costs rather more than the other modes.
With air freight you can leave everything in Excess International Movers’ experienced hands, avoid disruptions to work or holidays, and save on expensive airport hotel bills and travel costs.
Excess International's air freight rates are competitive; choose from our full Door to Door or economical Door to Destination Airport services.
Remember that for some destinations it may cost you less to use air freight - even for larger quantities.
Estimated Transit times:

Transit Modes


Sea Freight - Container Shipping

Sea freight is the cost-effective way to send your baggage. However, in comparison with air freight it is somewhat slow - so be sure to allow plenty of time for delivery.
And when you choose a sea freight company, be certain it's Excess International Movers - because our carriers are the most reputable, reliable and offering regular sailings to numerous destinations worldwide.
Rest assured that security is our top priority. Your possessions will travel in a strong, sealed shipping container, and can be covered throughout the journey by a comprehensive Shipment Protection policy.
Estimated Transit time:

Transit Modes


Road Freight

For European destinations Excess International Movers can send your possessions by secure road freight.
With regular deliveries to over 74 European hubs using a reliable network of 39 independent partners in 30 European countries, road freight is a fast, flexible and reliable way to transport your goods, belongings or unaccompanied baggage.
All of our road freight consignments are closely managed from booking to delivery via our sophisticated IT systems so you can be sure that your possessions will be delivered safely.
Estimated Transit time:

Transit Modes


Transit mode combinations for your Removals Shipment

When moving from the UK to overseas - or in reverse - you could choose a combination of transit methods depending on the items you are sending. Urgent items could be sent by air freight and all of your other belongings could be sent more cost-effectively by sea freight. We can organise any combination to ensure that your belongings reach their destination when you want them to.
With our exceptional quality standards, extensive local partnership network and membership of leading shipping associations, Excess International Movers is unmatched for flexibility.