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Global Shipping

At Excess International, we’re proud to be experts in global shipping with over 30 years’ experience. Wherever your destination is, we can help you move to move your belongings quickly, safely and securely.

We’re a reliable international moving company, providing global shipping to all corners of the world via road, sea and air.

As a tried and tested international removal company, we’re specialists in every aspect of global shipping. Whether you’re looking to move for personal or professional reasons, we can take all of the hassle out of the process.

Our team of experts have years of experience in global shipping and can manage the logistics of shipping your goods to and from any country worldwide.

Our service is underpinned by our approach to quality standards and as a member of the industry’s leading trade associations including the British Association of Removals. Your payment is protected by the BAR’s advanced payment guarantee.

Knowledge Zone

Choose your destination to find a customs guide or access our FAQs about the service that you need. You can also send a question in our ‘Ask an expert’ feature and a global shipping specialist will be in touch.

We’ll meet your budget expectations

When you’re choosing an international moving company, the first quote is not always the best quote. We can work with you to tailor your quote to meet your budget expectations.

No risks, you only pay for what you shipWe supply cost effective, no risk services. Pay a deposit to book your move and we will invoice when we know your accurate volume. This means you only pay for what you ship.

We’re an international removal company with global resources
We have the technology, expertise and global resources to move a single box or a whole household to and from any country worldwide.

Fast and convenient

Arrange your survey via your Smart phone

Use our new app to arrange for a survey of the goods that you want to move.

Simply download, meet up with us online and show us the items that you want to move. We’ll send a quotation within a day and follow up with a call.

Global shipping for students

Ship the smart way!

Whether you are leaving for university for the first time with lots of baggage or coming back at the end of term, we can help you ship your goods.

Our global shipping service is quick and easy to use – simply book your shipment and we will do the rest. We will supply cartons, collect your baggage and deliver it safely to wherever in the world you need it to be.

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