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Excess Baggage

Sending your excess baggage to the UAE

As industry experts with decades of experience, we can ship excess baggage of all kinds to countless destinations in the UAE. We offer incredibly competitive rates for sending excess baggage to the UAE and tailor costs to meet our clients’ requirements. Our excess baggage pricing takes into account your consignment size and shipping method.

Our shipping quotes include everything from luggage collection, freighting, customs clearances and high-quality shipping cartons. Thousands of customers take advantage of our baggage shipping from the UK to the UAE every year.

Transit methods for sending excess baggage to the UAE

There are two transit modes to choose between when sending excess baggage from the United Kingdom to UAE, both of which hold different benefits. The most appropriate transit method for you will depend on four factors – load size, location, budget and urgency.

Sending excess baggage to the UAE via sea freight

Sea freight is the most cost-effective transit method for sending excess baggage to the UAE. This makes it the best option for affordability; however it is comparatively slow, so air freight may be better if you are on a tight schedule. When sending excess baggage via sea freight you should allocate plenty of time for delivery.

Estimated Sea Freight Transit Time: 8 -14 Weeks

Sending baggage to the UAE via air freight

If you need your extra baggage to arrive in UAE in a timely manner, air freight would be the most convenient method. Air Freight is a more costly than sea, although we pride ourselves on being able to offer unrivalled excess luggage to UAE fees and your baggage will be with you in no time. There are a number of options available when your goods arrive in your chosen destination, each of which will affect delivery costs and arrival times.

Estimated Air Freight Transit Times: 5 – 15 days

Excess baggage boxes


Our excess baggage services operate to many destinations across UAE. Some of our most popular delivery locations include:

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Gharbia Dibbar, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Dibba, Al Ain, Um Al Quwain, Khor Fakkan, Sharjah

Safety of your goods while they are in our care is crucial for the team at Excess International, which is why we provide strong, industry approved packing materials at no extra cost. There is a small fee for any additional deliveries of cartons; therefore we recommend you order more boxes than you think you may need. When we collect your excess baggage for shipping to UAE from the UK, we can also collect unused boxes

You never know what you may need in UAE, so our extra baggage services can be used for anything from a suitcase, a set of golf clubs, bicycle, a few boxes full or personal possessions you just couldn’t leave behind and we have a box for them all!

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