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If you are moving or shipping goods overseas, you can benefit from Excess International’s partnerships which can save your time and money.

Get the best rate for foreign currency from our experienced partner and beat the rate you can get from your bank. Our partner TOR FX offers free transfers and you will be provided with an account manager to ensure that your transfers are easy and fast.

If you are moving your pet we can recommend a pet shipping service through our partnership company. We can arrange a quote to move your pet alongside your quotation for your international shipment.

Choose from a range of international services from The Global Shipping Experts to find information, access frequently asked questions about the service that you need or send a question in our ‘Ask an expert’ feature and we will send you the answer.

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Find a selection of customs guides in our knowledge zone.

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Our knowledge zone is designed to help you find the answers quickly to questions you might have. If you can’t find the answer then use our ‘Ask an Expert’ form to make contact or chat to us on LiveChat on this site.


The most popular method of transit is to send your goods by container by sea.

You can choose from a shared container method or a container for your own exclusive use. Shared container services take a little longer than a direct method due to a period of consolidation, but sharing the space means you can keep your costs down.

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Choose from a range of international services from The Global Shipping Experts

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