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Welcome to Excess International’s blog for people planning to ship their goods overseas or into the UK. We regularly post tips and hints, international customs updates, moving recommendations and travel advice.

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Moving to New York: Things to know before you go

NYC is one of our most popular destinations in the United States of America, for many reasons. Being home to amazing food, constant entertainment and unbeatable job opportunities, we are really not surprised. You may have visited New York on holiday numerous times and therefore you may feel like you know the area really well,

Best places to live in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and is a great place to live for British expats. The warm climate, stunning Atlantic ocean, nearby mountains, low crime rate and a generally low cost of living, are just a few reasons why it is such a popular destination. Portugal is home to a

Best places to live in Spain

Spain is a very popular European destination amongst our customers, and we are not surprised. Expats love it here as the cost of living is relatively cheap in comparison to Italy, France or even the UK. Spain’s healthcare system has also been ranked as one of the best in the world. It’s hospitals are modern,

Pros and cons of living in Sydney

Moving over the other side of the world, to the wonderful city of Sydney, is a very exciting time for the majority of our customers. The city is a great place for the younger generation to live, with great weather, endless opportunities, divine beaches and an extensive range of places to socialise with new friends

The best places to live in Germany

Germany is a very popular destination with expats from all over the world and noticeably with our customers too. People tend to be drawn to the country due to its thriving economy that offers expats the stepping stones to reach their ambitions. However, it takes a lot more than a stable economy for expats to

US laws regarding your personal data

If you’re shipping your goods to the United States then you need to be aware of important information regarding your personal data. Under the current U.S law, third party companies can access and examine vessel manifests and summarise statistical reports of imports and exports, including household goods shipments. This information includes elements such as your

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