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Baggage to the UK

Baggage shipping to the UK

Whether you choose air freight, sea freight or, in Europe, road freight – or any combination of the three – you can be sure that your possessions will be delivered to your chosen destination on time.

Which mode of transit should you choose? When making your choice bear in mind that sea freight and road freight charges are determined by volume; air freight rates are based on size or weight – whichever is the greater. Therefore, under some circumstances it can be more cost-effective to use air freight even for large quantities when you are shipping to the UK or Ireland.

The top choice of expatriates, students and business people, Excess International Movers – with its extensive local partnership network – can provide full customs clearance at both departure and arrival points.

Door to Door service

From the time we collect your baggage to its arrival at your chosen destination in the UK, Excess International Movers takes care of everything for you. Our charges are inclusive of customs clearance, terminal fees and local delivery costs.


Door To Port Service (Handout At Our London Depot)

If you are looking for a slightly more economical service, our door to port baggage shipping service allows you to collect your shipment on its arrival at our London depot in Wembley. In most cases, as the owner/sender you will need to collect the baggage personally; we clear it through customs and settle any terminal charges.

International storage services

Collection Service

If you have had to leave your belongings overseas, Excess International Movers can arrange to locate, pack and ship them – by air freight, sea freight and/or road freight – to your home in the United Kingdom or Ireland, or to a baggage storage warehouse for collection at a later stage. Our flexible baggage shipping and storage services are there to make your life easier.


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