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International Removals to Norway

We want to make your move to Norway as calm and hassle-free as possible to complement the tranquil scenery of the Norwegian mountains, glaciers, northern lights and quiet national parks. Whether you are looking to relocate to Oslo, Bergen or a quaint, mountain village, we can help you move.

Why choose Excess International for your move to Norway?

  • Experience:  We have become one of the leading international removals companies, with 30 years of experience. We frequently move people from the UK to Norway.
  • Local knowledge: We have an extremely experienced team, who have a firm understanding of issues you may face during your move.
  • Door-to-door service: Our team will collect your belongings from your UK residence, and deliver and unload them at your destination in Norway.
  • Personal move coordinator: You will be provided with a personal move manager, who will organise your move from start to finish, and who will be on hand to offer you their advice and expertise.
  • A professional moving team: Our highly skilled packers and movers will secure your goods with industry-approved packing materials and ensure your belongings arrive safely to your new destination, via your chosen transit method.
  • Flexibility: We want your move to be tailored to suit your needs, therefore we offer a range of delivery and collection options. For example, you have the opportunity to personally collect your items from the nearest airport to your destination in Norway, rather than having them delivered straight to your door.
  • Fees included: Included in your quote are your international removal fees and terminal fees.

How we move your goods to Norway

We offer three transit modes to get your belongings to Norway – via sea freight, road freight and air freight. Depending on whereabouts in Norway you are moving to, some methods might be better to use than others.

Sea Freight

Our team will collect your goods from your residence in the UK and transport them to the port, where they will be put on a ship heading for Norway. When in Norway, our team will organise the collection and delivery.

Within the sea freight method, there are multiple container options for you to choose from – all which come with their own benefits. You can choose from:

  • Fuller container load – Your goods will be transported via their own, exclusive container. This method is the most direct. Your items will reach their destination faster, so we recommend this option if you need your effects relatively urgently and are moving a large amount of belongings. You will be charged for a 20ft or 40ft container, depending on the volume of the goods you wish to transport.
  • Less container load – Your goods will be transported via a shared container. Space in the container will be split between you and other customers, who will also be shipping their goods to Norway. The consolidation of goods being transported is subject to the freight forwarder. Resultantly, this option has a longer transit time.  It is, however, more economical as you will only pay for the space your possessions take up.
  • Groupage – Your goods will be transported via a shared container, alongside others belongings that are heading for Norway. You will only pay for the space your possessions take up. This method is very cost effective, but does have a longer transit time. This is because there is a period of consolidation at a warehouse before the consignment is sent to the shipping line. We recommend this option if your volume of goods is less than full container load.
  • Baggage – This option is only for transporting your personal effects. It must not include furniture, and one man has to be able to carry it. This is a lower cost method for shipping your personal effects.
Road Freight

We will pack and load your goods at your UK residence, onto a road vehicle which will drive them to your destination in Norway.

This method is the very cost effective. We can predict a road freight transit time of approximately between 8 and 14 weeks.

Road freight offers two further options:

  • Full container load: Your effects will be transported via their own, exclusive container. Your items will reach your destination faster.
  • Shared container load: Your effects will be transported via a shared container, containing other customers goods that are heading to Norway. You only pay for the space you take up, and your effects might take longer to arrive at your destination.
Air Freight

We will pack and load your goods at your UK residence and transport them to the airport, where they will be flown to Norway. When they have reached Norway, we will organise their pick up and delivery to your new location. Alternatively, there are other collection option for you to choose from.

Transport via air is by far the fastest transit method to move your goods to Norway. We predict an air freight time roughly between 5 to 15 days.

The costs are calculated by the total weight of your load, therefore can be the most expensive option. Air freight is recommended to move your minimal items, which might be of urgency.

How our international removal service works

  1. Fill out our online quote form. We will then survey the goods you wish to take to Norway, via a contactless, video survey app, and give you a free quote.
  2. We will work with you to schedule your move.
  3. If you have chosen a packing service, our packers will arrive on move day to secure your goods so they are safe and ready for the journey.
  4. We will transport you goods, via your chosen transit method, to Norway.
  5. Your effects will arrive in Norway and our team will unpack them for you.

Moving from the UK to Norway?

Our service also provides removals to the UK from Norway. Whether you’re Norwegian and looking to relocate the UK, or a British expat looking to return from time in Norway – we are able to help you.


Popular locations we move people to in Norway:

Arendal, Askoy, Bergen, Bodo, Drammen, Gjovik, Halden, Hamar, Haugesund, Horten, Kirkenses, Larvik, Longyearbyen, Molde, Moss, Oslo, Sandefjord, Tromso and Trondheim.

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