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We’re here to help you with your move to Malta. Whether you are moving to the walled capital city of Valletta or a quiet fishing town, like Sliema, we have got you covered.

Why choose Excess International for your move to Malta?

  • Expert knowledge: After over 30 years of experience in the international removals industry, we have grown to become one of the leading global shipping experts. We frequently move customers to and from Malta every year, so you can trust our expertise and understanding.
  • Local knowledge: Having moved many customers to Malta, our team have an extremely good understanding when it comes to any issues you may encounter during your move. They will take great care into ensuring your move goes smoothly and will always be on hand to assist you.
  • Door-to-door service: Your belongings will be collected from your UK residence, and delivered to your destination in Malta, with great care and caution.
  • Personal move coordinator: We provide you with an allocated move manager, who will take responsibility for the organisation of your move. They will be on hand throughout the whole process to answer any questions and offer their expertise.
  • A professional moving team: The team of packers and movers will ensure your goods are secured and transported in industry-approved materials, to then successfully be shipped via your chosen transit method to Malta.
  • Flexibility: We pride ourselves on creating a service which is tailored to your needs, to make sure you receive the appropriate amount of support. For example, we offer the option for you to collect your goods from your nearby airport in Malta.
  • Fees included: Our service includes your international removal fees and terminal fees.

How we move your items to Malta

We offer three transit methods to get your belongings from the UK to Malta – road freight, sea freight and air freight. The option you choose is dependant on many factors, such as your location in Malta, the urgency of which you need the goods, and your budget.

Road freight

We will pack and load your belongings in the UK, onto a road vehicle which will then transport them to your chosen location in Malta.

This method is the most cost effective. The price is determined by your overall volume of goods.

  • Exclusive container load: Your goods will be transported via their own container. Your items will reach your destination faster.
  • Shared container load: Your goods will be transported via a shared container, containing other customers goods heading for Malta. This option is very cost effective, as you only pay for the space you use, but it may take longer for the container to arrive at your destination.

Sea freight

We will pack and collect your goods in the UK, and take them to the port, where they will be put on a container ship heading for Malta. When in Malta, our team will arrange their collection and delivery.

We offer four container options when using sea freight:

  • Fuller container load: Your goods will be transported via their own, exclusive container. This method is the most direct and your items will reach their destination faster. We recommend this option if you require your goods urgently or are moving a large amount to your new destination.
  • Less container load: Your goods will be transported via a shared container. The space in the container will be split between you and another customer, who will also be shipping their goods to Malta. This option may take longer, due to the fact that the consolidation of goods being transported is subject to the freight forwarder. This is a more economical option, as you only pay for the space you use.
  • Groupage: Your goods will be transported via a shared container, alongside other customers belongings which are going to Malta. This option is not subject to the freight forwarder. The transit time of your goods may be long, since there is a period of consolidation at our warehouse, before the consignment is sent to the shipping line. This option is economical as you only pay for the area your goods take up. We recommend this option if your volume of goods is less than full container load.
  • Baggage: This option is only for transporting your personal belongings, and must not include furniture. The consolidation of your goods must only require one man to carry it. This is a lower cost method for shipping your personal effects.

Air freight

We will pack and load your goods in the UK, and transport them to the airport where they will be put on a plane heading to Malta. When they have arrived in Malta, our team will organise their pick up and delivery. We provide multiple collection and delivery options for you to choose from.

Air freight is the fastest transit method of moving goods from the UK to Malta.

The cost of air freight is calculated by the total weight of your load, therefore is the most expensive option. This option is recommended when moving your small, urgent belongings.

How does our international removal service work?

Step 1: Fill out our online quote form. We will then provide you with a free quote, after surveying your goods via a contactless, video survey app.

Step 2: We will work with you to schedule your move to Malta.

Step 3: On move day, if you have chosen a packing service, our team will arrive to wrap and pack your goods, ready for your move.

Step 4: We will transport your goods to your chosen location in Malta.

Step 5: The team will unload and unpack your goods for you.

5 reasons why you should relocate to Malta

  • Malta receives over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, so is perfect for anyone looking to escape the dreaded British winters.
  • Living and transport costs are relatively low, in comparison to most Western countries.
  • English is the official language of Malta – alongside Maltese. Important information, such as road signs, forms and documents are always presented in English.
  • With the island being so small, there are plenty of public transport links to get you around most areas. Traffic in Malta, also tends to be relatively forgiving and ranks within the lowest in the EU when it comes to fatal traffic accidents!
  • Education is much cheaper in Malta, than it is in Western countries. The state schools are free, and provide a fairly decent level of education. There is one university on the island, the University of Malta, which charge much lower tuition fees than those in the UK!

Moving to the UK from Malta?

Whether you are Maltese and wanting to relocate to the UK, or a British expat looking to return home from living in Malta, we can provide a service for you.

Popular destinations for International Removals to Malta

Valletta, Sliema, St Julians, Bugibba and Qawra.

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