May 24 2021

10 reasons to move to USA

1. Diverse states

The USA is made up of 50 states and each state has it’s own culture, traditions, cuisines, and ways of living. The diversity of the states means you can find the one that most matches your lifestyle but also you can use it as an opportunity to travel and explore different traditions and lifestyles in other states.

2. Weather

Whether you like it hot or cold or you like a mix of both, you can find the weather to suit your taste. Generally, as you move further north, you will find pleasantly warm summers but cold, chilly winters, whereas the southern states enjoy hot summers and mild winters. The midwest is marked by variety across the seasons – perfect if you like to mix it up a bit, weather-wise. If you like it really cold then there is always Alaska!

3. Career opportunities

America is an economic powerhouse, and lots of global companies call it home. Lots of these are willing to sponsor the right candidates for their work permits and visas. In the global workforce marketplace, Brits have the crucial advantage of speaking the same language.

4. Living space

You can get more for your money when it comes to living spaces in America. Once you get away from the big cities like New York, you will find a huge difference from Britain in the amount of living space. Texas alone is 3x as big as the UK, meaning that land (and therefore property) is more affordable – Americans enjoy twice as much living space than Europeans, on average.

5. Education

The school system in the USA takes some adjustment for British Expats, and university education can be pricy compared to back home, but the states is home to some world-class learning establishments.

6. Cultural melting pot

A nation made of immigrants, there are over 200 nationalities living the United States. This diversity is reflected throughout, where generations of waves of migration have coalesced to create new and unique cultures and cuisines, like Southwestern, Tex-Mex flavours, or the influence of the French Caribbean in Louisiana.

7. A Can-Do attitude

Americans pride themselves on their positivity. One of the country’s founding principles is that anyone can achieve what they work hard enough for. Whether this is ultimately the case, the American Dream certainly infuses the people with confidence and self-belief that can be inspiring.

8. Natural beauty

The USA has a variety of different natural and beautiful landscapes. There are vast lakes, national parks, mountain ranges to ski and climb, and coastlines spanning two oceans. From the Grand Canyon to the Everglades, there are loads of natural wonders to explore.

9. Travel opportunities

The great thing about America is that you often don’t need to go abroad for a holiday. If city escapes are your thing then you can head off to busy New York or Seattle. If you’re looking for a beach then there’s always Hawaii or the US Virgin Islands. Living in the USA also opens up new destinations abroad too, you could always head to Canada, South America, or the Caribbean.

10. Food

You can find food of all types in Canada’s metropolitan areas. You’re bound to find food you enjoy in the USA and because it’s so multicultural you’ll find dishes from all over the world. In cities, such as New York, you can find loads of fine dining options too.


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