November 17 2018

Declutter before you ship your goods overseas

It helps to declutter your home before you plan to move overseas. Your quotation will be based on volume so by reducing the amount of household effects you intend to take, your cost of shipping your goods will be reduced

Top tips to declutter

Recruit friends and family to help you declutter before you move overseas

Make sure your entire household is involved with your children taking responsibility for their own rooms and everyone pitching in with shared areas.

Life Laundry!

For each room, label four packing boxes and place everything in them as follows:

  • ‘Store’: items that can go into your storage container
  • ‘Recycle’: items that can be recycled or donated to charity
  • ‘Bin’: items that can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner
  • ‘Remain’: items that will stay in the room

Be Brutal!

Be absolutely brutal about throwing out or giving away items that you really don’t need. If you haven’t used it in eighteen months then prepare to throw it out.

Reorganise as you go

A primary cause of clutter is not having one place for certain things, e.g. paperwork, toys, clothes. Take this opportunity to designate a central new home for items you find strewn about the house, and keep them there.

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