August 30 2018

Travel and shipping advice to Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong law, it’s illegal for visitors travelling to or transiting through Hong Kong to carry certain items. stun guns, objects with sharp points or edges for example samurai swords, and martial arts equipment

Offenders are liable to a severe fine or imprisonment. For a full list of restricted items, visit the website of the Hong Kong Police Force.


You need a medical prescription for e-cigarettes

If you’re entering Hong Kong with e-cigarettes containing nicotine, you will need a medical prescription indicating that they’re for personal use. If the e-cigarette is nicotine-free and for personal use, no medical prescription is needed.


Prohibited items in your baggage shipment

Certain items are prohibited when shipping goods to Hong Kong.

These include:

  • Drugs of dependance
  • Hallucinogens, amphetamines,
  • Barbiturates and tranquillizers
  • Foodstuffs of any type other than non perishables (including herbs and spices)
  • Plants, soil and seeds unless supported by by a Phytosanitary certificate and Import Licence
  • Weapons, knives and ammunition
  • Pornographic material and politically subversive material.


If you need clarification on any prohibited items for Hong Kong, contact Excess International the Global Shipping Experts

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