November 17 2018

Shipping your vehicle to the USA

The USA has stringent regulations relating to the importation of vehicles. All vehicles and trailers entering the USA must comply with The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportations regulations.

These agencies do not encourage the importation of non U.S. version or nonconforming vehicles. The costs of converting a non conforming vehicle are expensive and sometimes impossible.

Shipping Classic cars

However, shipping classic cars that are more than 25 years old is permitted and are exempt from EPA and DOT requirements.

EPA will permit the importation of a nonconforming vehicle only if it qualifies for exclusion or an exemption, or is imported by an independent commercial importer (ICI), who has a valid EPA certificate of conformity.

The vehicle must also comply with the Department of Transport’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to be imported.

Importing a vehicle into the USA is a minefield of paperwork and you need to get the best advice to do so cost effectively. If you have any questions about shipping a vehicle, contact our specialist car shipping desk at Excess International Ltd

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