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Welcome to Excess International’s blog for people planning to ship their goods overseas or into the UK. We regularly post tips and hints, international customs updates, moving recommendations and travel advice.

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10 top places to live in the USA

When you think of moving to the US, you may be envisaging the more iconic destinations such as New York, Los Angeles or Miami, but in fact there are some fantastic US towns and cities you may not have heard about. With 50 states to consider, you are well and truly spoilt for choice when

Our top places to live in France

France has a lot to offer and is a beautiful place to live. We have put together a list our favourite places which you should definitely consider when thinking of moving to France. Best places to live in France for great nightlife If you’re a keen night owl and you’re looking to move somewhere with

Best places to live in Canada

Vancouver Are you an outdoorsy person? Do you like the idea of an adventure? If that’s a yes then Vancouver is the perfect place for you. The city sits on the west coast of Canada and is very green with lots of parks and wide open spaces. It’s also a seaport so you get that

Reasons to move to Germany

1. Transport & infrastructure There’s some truth in the old cliché of German super-efficiency, and its never more prevalent in their transportation and infrastructure. Top class public transportation is available in not only major cities, but even rural areas are served by excellent and very affordable bus routes. For longer journeys, the ICE high-speed train

How to save money when moving abroad

Choose the best international removals company It may be tempting to go with the cheapest international removals company you can find, however that could end up turning out more costly. It’s important to read into exactly what you’re getting for your money. Does it provide everything you need in order to move abroad or will

Reasons to move to France

1. Food It’s no coincidence that so many of the words we use in conjunction with great food are French – ‘haute cuisine’, ‘cordon bleu’, ‘Michelin’. But even if the fanciest of fancy restaurants aren’t your speed, the French have perfected even the humblest and most rustic of foods –fresh French bread with salted butter

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