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Welcome to Excess International’s blog for people planning to ship their goods overseas or into the UK. We regularly post tips and hints, international customs updates, moving recommendations and travel advice.

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Most popular places to move to abroad

We move people around the globe, every day. We have been completing international removals for decades and have seen which countries see UK expats arrive in their thousands. Here is our roundup of some of the top countries to move to from the UK according to our customers and what makes them so great. Australia

10 reasons to move to USA

1. Diverse states The USA is made up of 50 states and each state has it’s own culture, traditions, cuisines, and ways of living. The diversity of the states means you can find the one that most matches your lifestyle but also you can use it as an opportunity to travel and explore different traditions

Reasons to move to Australia

Around 50% of Australians claim British heritage – that’s a lot of Brits. If you’re wondering what makes Australia such a popular choice for Brits then you’re in the right place. We’ve collected the top reasons people are ditching the UK for life down under. 1. The weather Who wouldn’t want to trade in the

10 reasons to move to New Zealand

1. Beautiful scenery New Zealand is famous for its epic landscape and breathtaking countryside, consisting of mountains, lakes, and even glaciers. New Zealand’s natural beauty has been featured in many films, such as The Hobbit Trilogy, The Lords of the Rings Trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia. What a place to call home! 2. Quality

The ultimate moving abroad checklist

Moving abroad can be a fairly intimidating concept, but we can help you get there. We have been moving our customers around the world for over 30 years now and so you can trust our expertise! We have put together the ultimate moving abroad checklist to help you prepare for your exciting, move abroad. Planning

10 reasons to move to the UAE

1. Extraordinary Weather You couldn’t ask for much better weather than that of the UAE. The weather is amazing all year round – and it very rarely rains, something the UK just isn’t used to! Most the year, temperatures often exceed 20 degrees and the sun is always shining. For us Brits, this sort of

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