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Removals to AUSTRALIA

Are you worried about how you are going to move the contents of your home to the other side of the world? Excess just might be able to help!

Excess International Movers has grown to become one the leading removals companies to Australia following 30 years within the industry. With the thousands of UK to Australia removals we carried out last year alone, it’s safe to say we’re well experienced.

Australia has long held the title as the most popular international destination for British expats and it’s no wonder why. If you want to be a part of the one million plus Brits already residing in the land Down Under, there is a lot to be excited about.

You could be a partier, a thrill-seeker or looking to live the easy going life you have always wanted and Australia will cater to your needs - it really does cover all bases.

If you want to take things down a notch, there is a beach within reaching distance of almost every neighbourhood, from popular beaches including Bondi, Burleigh Heads and Whitehaven Beach to the more secretive beaches such as Agnes Water, Wonboyn and Memory Cove. Australia has a flurry of tranquil walking trails and of course, yoga and meditation are favourites among the locals, the perfect way to relax!

Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay are just a few examples of bustling and cool cities for you to head towards if you prefer the vibe within metropolitan cities, brimmed with bars, restaurants, culture and a vibrant nightlife.

For the dare devils, you can partake in recreational activities, extreme sports and water sports at every turn of the head. There are countless of wild lands and open roads for you to road trip down and some of the greatest waters on the planet exist in Australia, swarming with striking sea creatures and vivid sea beds - Great Barrier Reef ring any bells?


There are two main transit modes when using our Australia removals service. The best method for you can be determined by three key factors – your budget, end location and urgency.

Send International Removals from the UK to Australia via Sea Freight

The most economical way to send international removals from the UK to Australia is via sea freight. However, it is much slower than air freight, so it is highly advised you allow sufficient time for your removals to arrive.

Two options when using sea freight are:

Less Container Load: LCL is the best sea freight method if you are shipping a small apartment, a one bedroom flat, a small office or you may just need to move a number of large furniture items from your house. Goods are stowed, secured and shipped in a shared container and you are only required to pay for the space your possessions occupy.

Full Container Load: FCL is recommended if you are moving whole home loads, large family homes or large work premises. You are charged for and will receive a 20ft or 40ft container depending on your removal to Australia size. You can fill the container how you wish.

Approximate Sea Freight Transit Time:

Removals Via Sea Freight to {country} International Removals Quote

Send Removals to Australia from the UK via Air Freight

Although air freight is a more costly way to move goods to Australia, it is a far quicker and more convenient. Removals to Australia costs are calculated on the total weight of your consignment when using air freight. It is best if you need to send a one bedroom apartment, minimal items of furniture, or just one or two specific rooms from your home or office, for example. Upon arrival of your removals, there are a few options each varying in cost and delivery time.

Approximate Air Freight Transit Times:

Removals via Air Freight to {country} International Removals Quote

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Our removals to Australia from the UK have reached endless towns and cities. Some of the most frequent destinations we deliver to include:

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Ballarat, Hobart, Bunbury, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Townsville, Cairns, Toowoomba, Byron Bay, Alice Springs, Darwin, Newcastle, Bundaberg



As one of the largest moving companies, we handle everything from door to door so you can sit back, relax and await the delivery of your removals.

Included in your cheap Australian removals are:

A friendly move co-ordinator to organise all aspects of your removals & answer any queries

A team of movers and packers to pack your belongings in strong industry approved packing materials – provided by Excess

Removals loaded onto shipping container or taken for loading onto air craft, ready for sending to Australia

Goods cleared, delivered and unloaded at your home, office, hotel or other location. Or, made available for collection at your chosen airport

Marine Transit Insurance to protect your valuable possessions during your household move

Australia removals fees, terminal fees and Australian customs clearance

Excess International Movers has a well-earned reputation for international removals to Australia. Our specialist service and attention to detail has won the support of both household and corporate clients, so we don’t take any chances! To find out more about our removals services, have a read through our FAQ’s.

We’re proud associates of the following:

British Association of Removers Federation of International Furniture Removers FAIM Plus International Association of Movers

To obtain a no-obligation quote today, please complete the ‘request a quote’ form here or click the link to book your free home survey.

For more detailed information about your relocation to Australia and the legal requirements that a move to Australia would entail, please visit the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


Removals to AUSTRALIA Documentation

FIDI Customs Manual FIDI Customs Guide
The FIDI Customs Guide outlines the Customs and Excise regulations of over 100 countries.